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Cheshire and Warrington


Recent News and Resources Developed by Cheshire & Warrington

On this page you can find:

Weathering The Storm - Guide for SMEs

Community Resilience DVD

Assessing Climate Risks & Opportunities for Strategic Growth Sites

Climate Resilient Communities

Member Training

Public Sector Partnership Casestudy

Eco Reps Handbook

Renewables Handbook

Guide to Solar PV for Residents

PV Project Checklist for Organisations


SMEs Weathering the Storm

CLASP has been working with local authorities in Cheshire and Warrington to develop a short guide to climate resilience for small and medium sized businesses.

Find out more here:



Community Resilience DVD

This short video has been produced to introduce some of the work going on in Cheshire and Warrington on Climate Resilience Communities.



Assessing Climate Risks & Opportunities for Strategic Growth Sites

This project of the Cheshire & Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) aims to ensure that key strategic employment sites and business sectors in Cheshire & Warrington are resilient to the potential impacts of climate change and to identify opportunities for on-site generation, green infrastructure and renewable energy.
Click here to view full information   Or view the case study here. 



Climate Resilient Communities

In 2011 Cheshire West and Chester were commissioned by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to undertake guidance on how communities should be better prepared to help themselves in severe weather conditions and start to mitigate the effects of climate change upon their community.  The final report is now available from the CLASP website.
Click here to view.  



Member Training Materials

A training session for elected members in Cheshire and Warrington took place on 31st January 2013, and was attended by councilors from Cheshire and Warrington authorities. The session particularly focused on opportunities for Cheshire and Warrington on renewable energy, climate resilience and the low carbon economy.

The presentations from the day are available to download by clicking here.

You can also download the CLASP Member Briefing Pack of 6 briefings on key sustainability themes which this training supports.



Cheshire & Warrington Public Sector Carbon Management Programme

A guide to the process, successes, and lessons learned from an innovative local public sector carbon management partnership

Over the last 2 years the Cheshire & Warrington Public Sector Carbon Management Programme (CMP) has joined up work across 24 public sector organisations (with a combined workforce of over 100,000 people), including Local Authorities, Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Health Agencies and Universities and Colleges.

Collaborative work has been undertaken to deliver savings through environmental management of energy, water, transport and waste, and to address key issues with the potential to impact on carbon management, such as procurement policy and practice.

The Partnership is an evolving entity which, as it has grown and developed, has faced both internal and external challenges. This case study explores the process behind the CMP as well as the sector- leading outputs it has produced.  

Click here to read the case study.



Eco Reps Handbook

The Cheshire & Warrington Public Sector Carbon Management Group has produced an Eco-Reps Handbook as a collaborative project to engage staff on sustainability issues.  It contains a range of case studies from Cheshire organisations, and useful resources.  Click here to view the handbook.

The handbook has been specifically designed to be transferable to other organisations and areas. The Handbook is free to adapt, reproduce and use for non-profit purposes, but full credit must be given to the Cheshire & Warrington Public Sector Carbon Management Programme.  If you wish to receive a word-document version of this Handbook, or seek permission to reproduce any part of it please contact


CLASP Climate Change Skills Fund Programme

The Cheshire and Warrington CLASP funded Climate Change Skills Fund Programme has now been completed with key outputs set out below:


Renewables Handbook

A practical on line handbook for developers and applicants looking to incorporate carbon reduction or climate change mitigation methods into a development or develop low carbon sources of energy.

Click here to download a copy of the Renewables Handbook


Cheshire and Warrington Resident's Guides to Solar Energy

Providing simple, accessible guides to solar energy systems - including tips about maximising the 'free' energy, and which appliances will make best use of the energy produced. The guides are provided without specific contact details so that they can be distributed by any local authority or RSL.

Click here to download a copy of the Guides.


Solar PV Project Checklist

A "checklist" to help other public bodies better understand the potential benefits and challenges of installing solar photovoltaics highlighting a number of key issues that should be examined when looking into the feasibility of a project.  

Click here to download a copy of the Checklist.


Renewable Technology Roadshows

A series of renewable technology roadshows were delivered to increase the uptake of renewable technologies by individual householders. These covered technical, economic and planning information on common domestic technologies, including the pros and cons of financing schemes currently offered to take advantage of the FITs, such as PV-for-free.

Click here to download a copy of the Roadshows Case Study.


Parish Council Renewables Workshops

A series of meetings/training sessions with Parish Council members were held to provide information both on the community benefits of small-scale renewable and issues around large-scale renewables in their area.

Click here to download presentations and materials from these sessions.


Support for Community Renewable Energy Groups and SMEs

Providing advice and support to community groups who were already interested in renewable energy schemes to help take their project to the next stages of development.

Click here to download presentations from these sessions.


Delivering Local Energy Networks

Developing a step-by-step approach to delivering energy networks, using real example projects from the area.  

Click here to down load a copy of the Full Local Energy Networks Report and Executive Summary.

The partners involved also ran an event to share their project with other local authorities from across the North West outlining the key stages involved in delivering energy networks of different types and scales. Speakers used practical examples of community heating and smartgrids to illustrate the application for towns and cities.  

Click here to download the presentations from these sessions.


Developing Renewable Energy Capacity on Non-Domestic Sites

A number of 'breakfast briefing'-type seminars were delivered to encourage the installation of renewable energy on industrial and public sector sites and to provide organisations with a better understanding of the technologies, principles and benefits involved.

Click here to download the presentations from these sessions.


All documents and presentation materials are available in the resource library.