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Code of Conduct for Solid Wall Insulation Launched

Blackpool Council have developed a new Code of Conduct for solid wall insulation installations, launched September 2014.


This Code of Conduct has been created in order to give Blackpool Council and its residents confidence for those suppliers offering solid wall insulation in partnership with the Council. Residents using suppliers that have signed up to this code can rest assured that these suppliers:

§ provide competent people to do the work;

§ have internal processes that provide them with the latest information;

§ have a proven track record of doing this work to a high level;

§ have insurance and guarantees to provide cover in the long term;

§ use sales techniques that meet appropriate Government standards;

§ manage quality effectively;

§ keep good records.


Contractors’ Code of Conduct - for Solid Wall Insulation retrofit projects on traditional buildings

Decision Making Protocol - to help navigate planning issues than can delay start-up of SWI schemes


This work has been developed with funding from CLASP and these tools are available to Local Authorities and other interested parties who may wish to adopt or adapt them for their own use.

The Code was launched on the 18th September 2014 and you can find the full presentation from that day here: