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Supporting Local Authorities and the public sector

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Public Sector Membership

CLASP’s 1000+ public sector network members have diverse interests, within a fast moving policy space, and with limited time and resources. Through their involvement with CLASP, our members have:

•       Developed policies and strategies to embed sustainability in the future of local areas and services;

•       Leveraged in funding for energy efficiency, district heating, renewable energy, climate resilience and flood risk management projects;

•       Invested with local businesses to deliver these projects;

•       Embedded sustainability in area regeneration projects, driving innovation in the supply chain;

•       Worked with supply chain businesses, particularly SMEs, to build their sustainability capacity and competitiveness.

Subscribers to our information service are from across the UK and Northern Ireland, although we have historically focussed on the NW of England due to the priorities and focus of previous funders.

Membership is free to representatives of public sector organisations

You can sign-up using the newsletter box at hte top-right of your screen, or contact Ailsa Gibson,, 01524 824325