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Supporting Local Authorities and the public sector

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Past CLASP Activity

CLASP is a responsive programme, serving all NW local authorities, run from a very low-cost and flexible base.  CLASP provides free support services, information and training to local authority employees, members, and their communities who are seeking to address the low-carbon, renewables, and service adaptation agendas.

Since 2008 this has included:

  • Wide range of technical support briefings and guidance documents
  • Support services accessed by over 800 local authority officers
  • Over 4000 person-hours of training and workshop sessions for LA & other public sector officers
  • Training, exhibitions and information provision to support community led renewable schemes
  • Over 200 hours of development sessions for LA members
  • £110,000 of small grants for LA led, innovative demonstration projects (not capital)
  • £500,000 of sub-regional programme grants for community engagement work, renewable feasibility studies, community roadshows, and locally specific LA training
  • LSP briefing sessions available to all NW LSPs
  • Climate Leader Awards (peer judged) to celebrate and share LA and partner achievements
  • LA orientated NW wide network, including peer learning groups for planners
  • Website knowledge hub & monthly news digests
  • Development of new LA led Green Finance models
  • Technical advice and support services including technology site visits


All resources and materials from CLASP's services, events and funded projects are available in the resource library.



From anonymous surveys of LA officers in 2009 & 2011:

CLASP keeps us moving forward.  Without the external impetus that they provide, our progress would be slower.

The adaptation resource pack is a real godsend.

Really useful and practical – in terms of information on what you can do, what works – translating from the theoretical to the practical.

CLASP is good for bringing people together from across the region to exchange experiences.  This wouldn’t have happened without the programme.

The CLASP newsletters have filled a real gap.  Covers everything I need to know and has given me advance knowledge e.g. on interpreting guidance.

Top quality materials.  Responsive and helpful briefing notes which help LA and LSPs.

Events are really well organised. Being local and free is really helpful. It means that we can attend regularly which we would not normally be able to do. 

Very useful in raising awareness of LSP members and elected members outside of the obvious portfolio holders


An evaluation study at the end of the first year of the CLASP programme showed that 93.5% of NW officers who had been involved in the programme had “Greatly” increased their understanding of key issues relating to NI 185, NI 186 and NI 188 since CLASP started, and this increase was “Greatly” (47%) or “A Little” (47%) due to CLASP.