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Supporting SME Climate Resilience

In the aftermath of the December storms and flooding, which affected so many businesses across the north CLASP is assisting local economic resilience work through two key support services:


Checklist and Guide for SMEs

CLASP and the Cheshire authorities have produced a climate resilience guide “Weathering the Storm” which is now available for other authorities to commission a bespoke version.

The guide for SMEs explores: What changes we might see to our climate; What impacts these can have on businesses; Ways to protect businesses from these impacts; Opportunities to benefit from climate changes; Resources and tools to assess and increase business resilience.

CLASP is able to tailor this guide, at cost-price, to individual local areas. This would include insertion of local case studies and contacts. It is available as a 30page A4 guide, a 2 sided checklist, and a smaller leaflet, for mass mailing/distribution

You can see the original version at:


SME Resilience Workshops

We are also delivering local workshops for small groups of SMEs. These include an introduction to our changing climate, and the potential impacts on businesses. Delegates are then introduced to the Business Resilience Health Check tool which is a simple, yes/no high level risk audit

The Health Check looks at premises, operations, staffing, logistics, insurance, finance etc. Simple yes/no questions. The output is an overview (colour coded) of strengths and weaknesses (vulnerabilities) plus recommended actions to take to strengthen resilience.

CLASP is able to work with host authorities, Chambers of Commerce and Growth Hubs to offer these workshops at ay low cost and with rapid turn-around. The content is adaptable and they work well as half-day, breakfast or twilight meetings.


For further information on either of these services please contact:

Ailsa Gibson

01524 824325