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Supporting Local Authorities and the public sector

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Adapting to Climate Change

CLASP provides support to local authorities on key aspects of service adaptation, environmental resilience and green infrastructure.  

You can find all our presentations and information in the resource library.   Some of our key resources are featured below.  Click to jump down to:


Supporting Local Businesses

CLASP has been working with local authorities to produce information and examples of how businesses can protect themselves from negative impacts of our changing climate, and even benefit from opportunities that may arise.  For more information see:


Flooding and Community Resilience - Briefings for Members

New in 2013 - two short and accessible briefings for local authority elected members on Flooding and on Community Resilience.  These contain up to date information about how elected members can make a difference, what the key issues are, and who should be involved.



Adaptation Post NI 188

Looking for a business case to continue working on service resilience and adaptation?   Take a look at CLASP's guide:

 "Why bother with adaptation without NI 188"



Increasing the Resilience of Key Services

This pack is designed to help Local Authorities to tackle climate change adaptation. It was developed over the last 6 months of 2010 in conjunction with 5 NW local authorities, whose experiences are shared to assist others.

Why bother to do Climate Change Adaptation without NI 188?

Getting Started on Climate Change Adaptation

Accelerator Pack - Embedding Climate Change Adaptation into LA Processes

Five Local Authorities worked with CLASP to help develop these briefings and their experiences are shared in five guides to adapting key service areas:



Community Adaptation Training

Training tools, aimed at pro-active community groups that can be delivered by local authority officers and other professionals, to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and highlight the importance of green infrastructure solutions in helping communities to adapt.  This tool was developed by Community Forests Northwest and Liverpool City Council using CLASP funding.

Click here to view the tools